Why Evangelism Requires Words (And Not Just Deeds)

Preaching the gospel, the euangelion (“good news”), is part and parcel of evangelism. And because the gospel is news, what better way to communicate its truth than through words? Yet, there is a trend among well-meaning Christians that treats the gospel as if it were truth expressed through actions alone. It is unnecessary to tell people the gospel when they can just as easily be shown it. Our kindness should take the center stage in evangelism. Words, we’re told, should be used only as supporting actors when absolutely needed.

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Loved by the Lord Jesus and my family. Teaching Elder at Mars Hill Church (Mobile, Ala). Adjunct at University of Mobile. PhD student at Southern Seminary. Host of So What? Podcast. Theologaster thinking at the intersection of the gospel, worldview, and religion. Eamus Catuli. John 14:6.

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